Goju Kai Karate Do - Hellas
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Welcome to the official site of

International Karate-do Goju-kai Association (I.K.G.A.) in  GREECE.


The style of karate that we are practicing, it is Goju-Ryu Karate-do, and it is one of the four traditional styles of the W.K.F.. There is great influence from the Chinese Martial arts, and the whole philosophy it is based on constant combination of hard (Go) and soft (Ju). This concerns not only the moves but the breathing as well. The founder of Goju-Ryu was the Grand Master Chojun Miyagi, however, the one developed, improved and spread it all over the world, was the karate legend of all times Grand Master Gogen Yamaguchi. With absolute respect to the tradition, to the principles of the art , the masters and the organization, we continue to spread maybe the most complete and balanced karate style.

According to Gogen Yamaguchi, the five secrets of Japanese Goju-Ryu are:


Move quickly.

Sound, calm mind.

Be light in body.

Have a clever mind.

Master the basics.


Peter Passis



Goju-Kai Karate-do Hellas47, Misirli str., 54250, Harilaou, Thessaloniki, GREECE, Tel./Fax: +30 2310 334032, Mob.: +30 6977 284420, E-mail: passis@goju-ryu.grThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Chief Instructor: Peter Passis – Shihan 5th Dan I.K.G.A. 6th Dan G.K.F. / W.K.F.