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Shihan Renshi5th Dan I.K.G.A., 6th Dan Greek Karate Federation & W.K.F.

Shihan Peter Passis is involved into martial arts for the last 45 years.

It was 1962 right after his national service that he left for Germany as engineer / technician, and from there in 1965 he left for South Africa. His deep involvement and activity with martial arts for his 25 years abroad succeeded him a great athlete and among the best karate teachers today.

During his 21 years staying at South Africa, he participated and organized numerous kata and kumite competitions. He was also participated in many self defense demonstrations, while most of them were broadcasted by national tv networks. His favorite though was “tameshiwari” (breakings –tiles, bricks, and wood boards).

As an A’ class kata and kumite referee he officiate in many games some of them among the best athletes of the time. It was 1974 when he moved from Budokan (a mixture of shito-ryu and goju- ryu) to GOJU-KAI  (International Karate Do Gojukai Association -I.K.G.A-) organization of South Africa.

Famous teachers of the time like Stan HartPikkas Windell, Peter Brandon, ect, were part of this organization.  In the next years he became an active member of the passis-daughter-sboard of directors and many other administrative positions.

During the same period he participated in many training seminars around the world, while he was instructor in some of them. During his repeated long staying trips to Japan, he had the privilege to train under the supervision of grand master and founder of I.K.G.A. Gogen Yamaguchi (the legendary  cat).

He had also the opportunity to train with Gogen’s son and today’s president of I.K.G.A. Goshi Yamaguchi and other great Japanese teachers such as Konomoto Shihan, Yamada Shihan, etc. In 1986, in communication with Goshi Yamaguchi Saikoshihan, Peter Passis returned to his country Greece.

passis-gogen1His mission was to teach and organize Goju-Kai, since I.K.G.A. was not present to Greece up to that time. Immediately he opened three dojos in three different cities (Thessaloniki, Larisa and Aridea). Despite the great effort and countless kilometers required for the establishment of Goju-kai and the coordination of the three dojos, his patience and his insistence brought the first results. Pretty soon Goju-Kai athletes started getting positions at the wining stands of national and European karate champions.  From his first year in Greece he succeeded to make the organization member of Greek Karate Federation (G.K.F.). Of course Peter Passis was among the founding members of the Federation. Also, his contribution to the recognition of G.K.F. from the relevant ministry was significant.After relevant seminars and examinations he became national and international A’ class kata and kumite referee.Since many years he is a member at the board of directors of Greek Karate Federation, as well as president of the technical committee. He is an authorized examiner for Dan grades and member of the examining committee. Also, he is a member of the committee organizing the national karate champions For many years he was the president of the G.K.F. passis-15North Greece Division, and still he is responsible for “Alexandria” a national tournament, taking place at Thessaloniki every year.

Since 1986, after his return to Greece, Peter Passis is participating regularly at European seminars. They are tutorial / instructional seminars, taking place every year in a differentEuropean country, and among the instructors are the Saikoshihan Goshi Yamaguchi and the vice president of the European division of I.K.G.A Ingo de Jong Shihan, as well as many well known and grate instructors from all Europe and of course Japan.

Peter Passis has organized three European seminars himself in Greece. The first one (1992) at Corfu Island, San Stefano Hotel. The second one (2002) at Skiathos Island,  Skiathos Palace Hotel. The third and last one (2004) at Creta Island, Athina Palace Hotel. The participants of those seminars had the privilege of the teaching from the above great masters and an excellent opportunity to improve their knowledge on Goju-Ryu karate-do.

Peter Passis has the supervision of the Goju-Ryu annual National Championship taking place in a different city every time and being organized by the local members of the organization. This Championship it is a great opportunity for all Goju athletes (seniors & juniors) to compete and to be prominent under Goju-Ryu competition principles.

In 2006, during the European seminar in German, Peter Passis was awarded with the honorary title of Renshi Shihan, by the president of I.K.G.A. Goshi Yamaguchi Saikoshihan and the vice president for European division Ingo de Jong Shihan. He was honored for his long term outstanding and significant contribution to the karate-do.